Adventure Session

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Urban Micro wedding couple elopement location

Every couple dreams of their special day with a mix of excitement and anxiety, from large gatherings to more private elopement parties.

If the more recent added stresses and gathering limitations presented by the virus have put a dampening halt on the preparations for your special day, then here is a list of unique and adventurous micro wedding locations to help you tie-the-knot on any budget.

Here at Dana Gibbons Photography, we thrive in creative environments and would love to help bring your dream Micro Wedding into reality with our Adventure Elopement package. We offer a number of customizable options to make your special day even more memorable. You can contact us anytime for more info.

One of the many perks of a modern elopement is definitely the freedom to explore more unique locations that are true to you and your soon-to-be's lifestyle, while adding beautiful elements to aide in telling a visual story. 

Taking a helicopter to a hidden destination can also add another level of excitement, from the mesmerizing red rocks of Sedona, or the beautiful rim of the Grand Canyon to alluring hidden island beaches, helicopters and luxury cars are among many of the endless customizable options we offer in our Adventure Elopement package.

Some of the most breathtaking locations can be found practically in your backyard or at any National Park littered with thousands of living greenery and will be a great added memory for the beginning chapter of your new life, and please remember to leave the wilderness just as you found it and pack out any trash you produce so it will stay beautiful for years to come.  

​Another unique and fun adventure would be taking a night to camp out under the stars to wine and dine your spouse with a special meal you prepared together or even enjoying some kick-back time with a personalized chef experience (we offer that too!) 

Even simple everyday Urban settings can add a very modern touch to your photos and can include a wide range of artistic shot opportunities. Well lit locations smothered in vibrant street art paint a beautiful array of new memories for any couple. 

Another unique urban spot to tie the knot could be your favorite outdoor restaurant on a clear, candlelit night surrounded by plates full of your favorite dishes and a shareable dessert or even just a simple setup at any venue you've had your eye one. The possibilities are truly endless!

Bride with helicopter and luxury car

While some couples prefer extravagant and large gatherings for their wedding, recent events have encouraged smaller gatherings. Breathtaking locations such as National Parks, outdoor restaurants, or even the inside of a helicopter can become a new adventure that will kick off your new life together and bring your dream micro-wedding to life. 

​Contact us below for more info on how we can help bring endless possibilities and help in planning a unique adventure to add to your dream micro wedding.

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Adventure Session
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